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Mechanical Fuel Dispenser

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Mechanical Fuel Dispenser product configuration option

1. Outlet pressure: ≤0.30 MPa

2. Flow rate:≥ 55L/min

3. Dry vacuum: ≥0.054MPa

4. Wet vacuum:≥0.07MPa

5. Setting vacuum: -0.032 Mpa

6. Shutting pressure: 0.17~0.2 Mpa

7. Rated input rotate speed: 725r/min

8. Motor power:0.75KW

9. Noise level: Starting ≤71dB(A); Shutting ≤73dB(A)

10. Current: 2A

Environment condition


Relative humidity:≤95%;

Atmospheric pressure:≤95%;

Technical parameter

Discharge rate per revolution: 0.5L;

Accuracy: ±0.3%;

Repeatability error:≤0.07%

Min. adjust quantity 0.02%

Max. rate 100L/min;

Min. rate 5L/min

Working stability: After continuous operation 100h at maximum flow after, the accuracy should not exceed ± 0.3%, the measurement repeatability error is less than 0.07%. Minimum measured quantity error is within ± 0.3%, the measurement repeatability error is less than 0.15%, the change in measurement accuracy is less than 0.15%.;

Environment condition

Temperature: -25℃~+55℃;

Relative humidity: ≤95%;

Atmospheric pressure: 86KPa~106 KPa;