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Tank Gauge & Calibration system

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Tank level gauge system is used to measure the oil level, water level, temperature and cubage in the tank. Tank calibration system is top configured notebook computer and mobile printer, advanced self-setting software computation method.

Storage tank calibration methods by volume table for metering controller, tank, level gauge system liquid level meter, tank automation system and other accessories, use cooperate in and out of the corresponding equipment of oil field, through the volume meter calibration for measuring the control machine in and out of the oil measuring data and tank automation system measured by the level gauge tank oil level change data by computer calculation and storage tank calibration methods is concluded that the actual oil tank capacity table

Tank Gauge & Calibration system working principle:

Discharge the oil to the measured tank through heavy duty dispenser, which accurately measure the oil volume unloaded, then probe detect the oil level inside the tank, and the computer collect real-time data from both parties, the computer will automatically generate volume chart.

Tank Gauge & Calibration system FUNCTIONS:

automatically generate volume chart , without manual operation.

specialized equipment, high accurate volume chart produced, error less than 0.3%.

High measurement speed and cost savings , less than 2 hours if calibrating a tank 30CBM

Oil discharging or sucking, both ways to create volume chart

Interval stop or non stop working ways.

Automatic measurement or manual data input, two ways for chart.

high oil level limitation setting automatically to avoid overfill

Powerful data save mechanism, avoid data loss.

multi-scale volume chart available for creation

Data copy available to avoid loss

Volume chart data available imported to Word、Excel and Txt format

Chinese and English language for choice

Tank Gauge & Calibration system System Configuration:

Tank Gauge & Calibration system Hardware configuration:

High precision volume measurement machine

Special Magnetostrictive probe



RS232 to RS485 module

2" anti-low temperature hose

Tank Gauge & Calibration system Software configuration:

Special software for volume calibration

Special software for road tanker volume calibration

Technical parameters:

Measured height:3800mm at maximum

HDifferente ratio:0.01mm

Accuracy: ±0.1mm

Measure accuracy: <±0.25%

Ex-proof mark: ExdⅡ AT3

Measuring range: 100~300L/min 

Power supply: 220V 50Hz; 380V 50Hz

Environment temperature: -25~+55

Relative humidity: 20%~95%﹪RH

Working pressure: ≤0.5Mpa

Apply to: diesel, gasoline, kerosene